• The outstanding characteristic of the relationship with our clients is personal contact.

    Our approach in the rendering of services, which we refer to as "personalized services", is coherent with our vision of the characteristics of the Argentine company along with its requirements and current needs.

    Our firm has implemented policies in not only the recruitment and training of its members, but also the quality control of their work, which assure the level of excellence pursuant to the requirements of every service we offer.

    Likewise, the partners have active hands-on participation in the tasks assigned.

    We are qualified experts in the field of accounting, auditing, and taxes for entities in the most diverse fields of the trade.

    Consequently, we apply a "custom-made" approach according to the requirements and characteristics of the clients, thus avoiding the use of standardized methodologies.

    Such approach results in realistic and constructive counsel for our clients.

    Among our clients are:
    • Financial entities
    • Cooperative and mutual aid organizations
    • Civil associations
    • Commercial enterprises
    • Agricultural endeavours
    • Service-based companies
    • Business firms and unipersonal services

    Our style of work and the characteristics of services we render can be summarized in the following aspects:

    * Personalized: permanent contact with the client from the partner in charge

    * Quality and Excellence: the partners are well-known university professors and our staff is subject to appropriate policies of recruitment, training, development, and updating

    * Customer Satisfaction: is evaluated in every task in an effort to reach the highest levels

    * Operative Approach: we use work methodologies with emphasis on operative approach and diligent execution, thus rendering support to the Directors

    * Experience: our vast performance includes people and enterprises from both the public and private sectors, and from the most diverse scopes and dimensions of activities

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