• training
    At S&A we are convinced that, inasmuch as we broaden our knowledge, individuals and organizations will become the owners of the future.

    Therefore, at S&A we develop courses made to suit the needs of the people and organizations, covering from the most varied technical and organizational matters, to those for the achievement of personal growth.

    To achieve these objectives, we follow the style of instructors who take into account the subjective aspects of the persons and of the organizations. We strive to help our trainees incorporate knowledge and skills by following a process of deep understanding that goes from their emotional response and body language to their learning patterns.

    Likewise, in addition to studying the people who form them, we look into the organization to analyze what the relationships or conversational patterns among them are like.

    Based on these premises, we define our training strategies as "customized" to each organization or individual.

    Our training includes, among others, the following:
    • Accounting: National and International Standards
    • Accounting for non-accountants
    • Standards of controlling entities
    • Auditing of accounting statements
    • Internal, operative, and special auditing
    • Preventive control of errors and frauds in the administrative systems
    • Taxes: Basic concepts and updates, pursuant to legislative modifications
    • Responsibility to the tax authority
    • In-crisis companies
    • Financing for companies
    • Integrity and validity of the information processed in the systems
    • Minimum operational requirements in the systems area
    • Communication skills in the organizations
    • Leadership and motivation
    • Teamwork and their objectives

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