• auditing
    Our experience is backed by many years of auditing the highest ranking companies and organizations.

    We add value to our auditing work so that our clients manage their businesses successfully.

    The accounting statements we audit gain credibility. The reliability of your financial statements may report you such benefits as lower interest rates and better terms of financing, access to capital markets and different business opportunities that will increase the success of your company.

    Likewise, our presence as auditors in your company will have a favorable effect on its efficiency and on a decrease of occurrence of irregularities attributable to the staff, given the fact that they will feel they are being controlled.

    As external auditors, we also render special recommendations to the Direction in order to improve administrative and accounting controls that may prevent errors and irregularities, and in addition, to achieve higher operational efficiency.

    Our auditing services include:
    • Auditing of Accounting Statements and other accounting reports
    • Auditing with special objectives
    • Operational auditing
    • Systems auditing
    • Expert appraisals and arbitration
    • Evaluation and implementation of systems of internal control
    • Due diligence for acquisitions and mergers

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