• human resources
    A company's most valuable asset is its people. We work to ensure that your company achieves its goals through the individual self-fulfillment of the human beings who are part of your staff.

    Human-resource recruitment and training services have gained great importance for organizational systems directed at achieving specific goals. Since their objective is to reduce the uncertainty factor in the decision-making process, many companies delegate these services on specialized consultants in the certainty that they will obtain important advantages.

    If their investment is to be maximized, there are aspects that should not be overlooked by the Human Resources departments.

    Such aspects include:
    • A policy of incentives
    • A policy of motivation and retention
    • Aligning the objectives of the personnel with those of your company
    • Appropriate training policies

    Our firm has experts that can assist your company and advise you on the above areas.

    The services of our Human Resources Department include ORGANIZATIONAL AND PERSONAL COACHING, a new way of looking at organizations and at the people who comprise it.

    We offer the following services:
    • Recruitment
    • Training
    • Jobs analysis
    • Performance evaluation
    • Administration of remunerations
    • Payment of remunerations
    • Evaluation of staff
    • Administrative organization of staff functions
    • Application of Institutional Psychology for the development of the organization
    • Diagnosis of Human Resources and personnel policies
    • Design and administration of training and development programs
    • Development of "custom made" surveys on remuneration
    • Administration and payment of confidential remunerations
    • Organizational coaching
    • Personal coaching

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