• In 1974 we founded Scravaglieri & Asociados (S&A), a civil association of professionals. We began our activities in Córdoba and currently offer on-the-spot advisory and services throughout the country. Additionally, we have offices in Buenos Aires and correspondents in other cities.

    The clients we serve are organizations of different sizes and from a diverse range of activities.

    Our partners and professionals, with vast experience in their fields, actively participate in both regional and national Public Accountants organizations. Such organizations are highly involved in the issuing and publishing of new technical standards in addition to training its members on the application of the new regulations. Finally, as university professors, we participate in the development of our future colleagues.

    Our firm consists of professionals from different fields of science and trade which enables us to offer a minutely coordinated multidisciplinary support system.

    We are the Argentine members of GMN International, a fact that enables us to attend to the needs of our clients by means of our professional resources throughout all the major business centers around the world.

    Consistent with our international firm, we are committed to offering a five star service to our clients. As members of GMN International, we participate in a unique qualification program named five star quality customer service. We, the members of GMN International, are committed to offering the highest level of service and knowledge to our clients.
    Through our vast experience, we have established a valued reputation as auditors in the field of accounting. In addition, we behold an array of knowledge of the private sector both nationally and internationally as well as of the public sector.

    Our performance record is registered in and approved by the Interamerican Development Bank, The World Bank, The Central Bank of Argentina, along with many other national control entities and renowned institutions.
    Our mission is to achieve leadership in the rendering of quality and effective professional services suited to the specific needs of our clients.

    Our standard is to share our success with partners and staff while contributing valuable services to the community.

    Our objectives are:
    • To increase business opportunities and to maximize the profits of our clients
    • To offer our services to clients anywhere in the world
    • To expand the range of our professional services
  • Córdoba | Alvear 81 - 8º Piso
    Tel.: 54 351 4230966 (rotativas)  -sya@sya-gmn.com.ar
    Buenos Aires | Pte. R. Sáenz Peña 651 - 4º Piso
    Tel.: 54 11 43286966