• S&A is proud to be a member of GMN International, an international association of accounting and consulting firms located in every major business and commercial center around the world, each of which has been selected as a result of its high business and professional standards.

    The members of GMN International are associated with several firms in more than 60 countries and render services with the skills and capability needed to attend to your global needs.

    Exchange of knowledge and technical training
    The members of GMN International attend to conferences organized by and among the members affiliated to GMN International, where we interact with other Public Accountants from around the globe representing the leading firms in each country.

    Such conferences, hosted by renowned experts in the trade, offer the opportunity for the members of GMN International to keep updated on the latest technical breakthroughs in the regional, national, and international markets.

    New business opportunities
    The firms of GMN International work together in order to render services to our clients. When your accountant collaborates with other colleagues, resulting in excellent local service from your trusted advisor in addition to having access to current updates on the matters of auditing, taxes, international services and much more, you obtain a noticeable leading edge for your business.

    GMN International is an association of independent accounting and business advisory firms. Each firm is a separate and independent legal entity and as such has no liability for the acts or omissions of any other associate firm. GMN International is an association and does not fall within the definition of "network" under the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) Code of Ethics, Section 290 and the European Union Statutory Audit (revised 8th Company Law) Directive. As such, GMN International provides no services to clients and has no liability for the acts or omissions of any associate firm.

  • International Staff Exchange
    The International Staff Exchange program of GMN International was created to assist the member firms in the development and training of their staff.

    This program enables the firms to attract personnel and to prevent rotation, as well as to improve their performance by adding the better practices they learned at other firms.
  • Career Opportunities
    We look for proactive accountants who aspire to be a part of a progressive firm of Public Accountants.

    GMN International is a global network of professionals who are at the forefront and who cooperate actively with each other. We have total access to abundant resources including experience, expertise, technical knowledge, and international services.

    The staff exchange program among the members of GMN International offers us the opportunity to have our personnel work and train in the offices of other members of the network worldwide.

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