• Our staff is composed of professionals with vast experience in different areas of expertise of the trade, and in some cases, with thorough participation at international level.

    The partners of S&A personally participate in the development of the tasks, maintaining constant contact with our clients.

    The members of S&A pursue continuous national and international training, which enables us to solve situations of varied complexity, as brought to us by our clients.

  • S&A Contacts

    CPA. Alberto Scravaglieri
    Partner - General Director

    CPA. Silvia Giambone

    CPA. Diego Scravaglieri

    CPA. Anna Boetti

    BA. Cecilia Franco

  • Córdoba | Alvear 81 - 8º Piso
    Tel.: 54 351 4230966 (rotativas)
    Buenos Aires | Pte. R. Sáenz Peña 651 - 4º Piso
    Tel.: 54 11 43286966